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New Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Oilvac 100 : a revolution for mechanical workshops

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DU-PUY is very proud to present its latest innovation at BI-MU 2018: the Oilvac 100, an innovative solution for the extraction and separation of mixed oils with shavings. Compact, powerful and sturdy, this industrial vacuum cleaner has been designed to find its place perfectly into mechanical workshops.

Robustness, power, compactness

The structure of this vacuum cleaner is entirely made of steel, resistant to abrasive oils. Equipped with two powerful single-phase motors, it develops a vacuum capacity so high as to allow the aspiration of 90 liters of shavings and mixed lubricants in a few minutes. Mounted on industrial wheels with integrated brake, it is easily transportable.

Equipped to serve the metalworking sector

The metalworking sector is a demanding industry: every maintenance of machine tools costs hours of downtime and lack of production. For this reason the Oilvac 100 equipment allows to minimize the time required for suction and maintenance:
  • 100 micron PPL  for a high filtration capacity
  • Electronic floating device to automatically stop the vacuum when the container is full
  • Simple and fast discharge of oils and emulsions thanks to a discharge valve or an independent electric pump with 100 l / min discharge capacity
  • Grilled basket for easy disposal of vacuumed shavings
  • Compact size: only 66 cm x 57 cm x 121 cm!

Oilvac 100: the aspirator that allows you to save on production costs

Oilvac 100 is extraordinarily efficient. Designed to become your best ally for cleaning your work environment and your machine tools, it is an essential tool to save time and money. You will have less costs of raw material and waste management

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