Oilvac 130 industrial vacuum cleaner for mechanical industry

Oilvac 130: the new vacuum solution for mechanical industry

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New Oilvac 130 industrial vacuum cleaner: the missing link that completes the most complete range of vacuum cleaners for mechanical industry.

We never stop listening to your requests and needs. Our latest innovation is the perfect vacuum solution for those who need a light and compact machine with a large capacity for cleaning machine tool tanks. The latest novelty of DU-PUY is specially designed to be integrated into mechanical workshops.

The latest addition to the DU-PUY manufacturing tradition

The brand new Oilvac 130 vacuum cleaner is available in two versions, with or without an independent discharge pump, like its little brother (OIlvac 100).  Made of sturdy painted steel, it can easily withstand abrasion caused by oils and emulsions. The trolley has been completely redesigned to ensure greater stability and ergonomics when removing the container.
In the motor head there are 3 powerful single-phase motors capable of releasing a power useful for the suction of oil and metal shavings. In just 90 seconds you will be able to vacuum and remove 130 liters of liquid mixed with chips.
The suction is blocked automatically once the float device reaches the maximum level, a practical warning light positioned on the motor head will indicate the reaching of the limit.
motor head
A functional collection system has been designed to allow you to filter and separate the sucked material instantly. The steel sieve basket grid allows the collection of up to 30lt of metal swarf while the PPL filter (standard in the Pump version) retains up to 10kg of the finest metal dust. The bin holds up to 90lt of purified coolants, ready to be returned to the working tanks.
Basket grid
To speed up the cleaning's job of the tanks we have created a Pump version in which we have added, inside the container, an independent discharge pump capable of discharging up to 100 liters of oil and lubricants per minute. Our system with independent pump allows you to discharge and suction at the same time allowing a continuous cleaning of your machine tools.

The best ally for the metalworking industry

We have been working side by side with mechanical workshops for more than 50 years, we understand that machine tool downtime means lost profits. Our Oilvac 130 will allow you to minimize the time it takes to vacuum and service your CNC machines:
  • Electronic float to automatically stop suction when the container is full
  • Quick and easy discharge of oils and emulsions by means of a drain valve or by means of an independent electric pump with 100 l/min discharge capacity
  • Grid basket for an easy disposal or recovery of the sucked chips
  • 300 micron PPL filter as standard (Oilvac 130P) for high filtration capacity
  • Compact dimensions: only 70 cm x 62 cm x 144 cm !

Oilvac 130: the vacuum cleaner fro mechanical industry that reduces maintenance costs and improves the efficiency of your production plant

We have a long tradition of working side by side with mechanical contractors and we have designed the Oilvac 130 with your advices and suggestions in mind. The result is a cleaning tool that will grant you to save time and money on machine tool maintenance and the repurchase of oils and emulsions for your machining operations.

We will exhibit the OILVAC 130 at the next PULIRE exhibition in Verona, come and visit us!

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