Depolveratore DEDUST 50


Posted: 21/04/2017 | Tags: Deduster DEDUST 50 | Category PRODUCTS
The DEDUST50 is the new best choice for those working environments with airborne control and cleaning needs. They are usually engineered with a completely customized central vacuum system.

The main applications of this product are into carpenters’ shops using CNC machines, wood industry, oil mists, metal chips and others.
In this application, the industrial vacuum sucks grinding dust from grinding and deburring processes in 4 diffrerent workbenches.

The DEDUST50 4kW has 2300m3/h of airflow with an automatic and integrated filter cleaning system. The filters are top quality choices with high filtration efficiency.
DU-PUY is company with 50 years of experience in industrial vacuum solutions.
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