aspiratori industriali du-puy


For more than 50 years, we have been innovating and producing industrial suction solutions with a single purpose: the safety and cleanliness of our customers' production plants.


A long experience at the service of industry

Our inspiration: your company
Since 1964, DU-PUY has been manufacturing industrial vacuum cleaners for liquids and solids for all industrial applications. Since the first vacuum cleaner, the construction philosophy has not been inspired by mass production, but by the search for custom solutions, designed on the customer's needs.  From the designing to the shipment, our industrial vacuum cleaners are thought perfectly in every single detail, in order to guarantee the best possible solution to the end user.
A complete range of industrial vacuum cleaners
Today the range consists of single-phase and three-phase vacuum cleaners suitable for vacuuming any material: smoky, dusty, liquid, grainy, heavy, solid, light, heavy, bulky, etc. DU-PUY offers industrial vacuum cleaners for industry, patented bucket vacuum cleaners, suction silos, centralized systems, dust collectors, stainless steel aspirators, ATEX certified vacuum cleaners, pneumatic conveyors and high power vacuums for heavy industry.

Choosing a custom made DU-PUY machine means making sure of a high quality solution and dedicated support.

An industrial vacuum cleaner must be:


DU-PUY has 13 product lines specifically designed to address any industrial challenge.

acquired experience

After more than 50 years of activity, we can assure our customers the true know-how of the handicraft industry, which gives our products high quality standards, great attention to detail and a high level of customization.

high value-add

Our aspirators are not just industrial vacuum cleaners, but genuine work tools that add more efficiency to your manufacturing process.


More than 100 standard models are not enough? No problem, we will design the perfect solution for your specific application.

Reliable and guarantee 

The average guaranteed life of DU-PUY aspirators exceeds 10 years. This peculiarity makes them work tools with almost infinite life.

Covered by a full support

DU-PUY produce industrial quality vacuum cleaners MADE IN ITALY and we have a growing sales network. In this way we can guarantee service you need when you need it.