Manufacturing and transformation of textiles necessarily requires strategic placing for industrial vacuuming during the production cycle. Essential to the efficiency of the system, it becomes the focus of a separate study in our research laboratory

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One single sector, the textile industry, and many needs for vacuuming

The textile industry involves various needs during the different phases of its production process. The cleaning of the machines, such as carders or looms; the cleaning of working environments, recovery of oils and emulsions used during leather processing in the tanks... Your business has many needs and DU-PUY has the solutions, thanks to our contact with customers. For example, DU-PUY industrial vacuum cleaners have been specifically designed for the textile industry and can quickly and safely recover waste and scraps of fabrics, paper and cardboard and other light or bulky materials typical of this production.

Tailor made vacuum solutions designed for your specific needs

Are you worried that the vacuum system may be too bulky or with insufficient capacity? Not a problem with our vacuum units: a smart container system compacts waste at its bottom supplying perfect performance / capacity / shape ratio.
With the Oilvac range, it is possible to vacuum and recover the oils stored in the tanks, thus improving work efficiency and productivity.
DU-PUY develops its industrial vacuum cleaners as actual tools to improve your business effectiveness.
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Why use a DU-PUY vacuum in the textile industry? Here are three advantages:

Perfect Vacuum Cleaners for the Textile Industry

Availability of single-phase or three-phase compact models for various needs: from cleaning machines (card machines and frames) to clean the work environment.

Assisted discharge for textile scraps

It is possible to remove the textile scrap quickly with the filter bag inserted in the 100 or 200 lt container.

Specialized vacuum filters for the Textile Industry

Multiple filters for TS series models make it one of the most versatile machines in the DU-PUY range. Polyester, nylon or paper filters for fine and clogged dust.

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