W1 compact and ergonomic vacuum cleaner

W1 New versatile industrial vacuum cleaner

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The most compact, efficient and lightweight industrial vacuum cleaner on the market

Du-Puy is proud to present the revolutionary new W1 industrial vacuum cleaner.

The market for industrial vacuum cleaners is wide and diversified.
There are commercial vacuum cleaners on the market that are generally made of plastic, are not very durable, have low filtering capacity and are contained in size and price, mostly suitable for domestic or hobby use.
If you are looking for higher quality products for heavier applications, you can find industrial vacuum cleaners on the market, with complete or partial steel construction, with higher performance motors and high efficiency filters. These have high weight and dimensions and are used within industries for cleaning or for dedicated suction of certain dusts, residues or liquids.

Is it possible to have a vacuum cleaner of limited size, weight and price, with the vacuum and filtration performance typical of the industrial vacuum cleaners?

Now you can!

Our research & development department has developed and designed a practical and ergonomic industrial vacuum cleaner that is unrivalled on the market.

Our efforts were concentrated on limiting the weight to within 20 kg.
Every superfluous component has been omitted. Every element present has been refined to stay below the threshold and allow effortless transportation by operators, while keeping intact the industrial characteristics of the vacuum cleaner. The law itself, which refers to ISO 11228, sets the maximum limit at 25Kg for manual lifting and transportation of occasional loads.
Even the dimensions are unique: in just 96 centimetres in height, with a base of 43 x 40 cm, there is a 1.1kW single-phase industrial motor, an 8,000cm2 star filter and a 15 litre quick release container.
Versatile vacuum cleaner

An easy-to-carry vacuum cleaner

In addition to weight and size, we have paid particular attention to find the most comfortable and convenient way to move the vacuum cleaner around the workplace. 
A steel trolley mounted on 4 wheels, 2 pivoting and one with a brake, is the basis of our transport system. It allows the towing in oblique, which is ideal for long distances within halls or corridors, without putting any effort into pushing. A handle at the top of the motor head allows it to be towed like a travel trolley, in that way the pivoting wheels adapt to the pushing motion without resistance. 
A second handle is located on the bin of the hoover, in a vertical position, allowing the vacuum cleaner to be carried horizontally, like a tool case. A convenient positionto overcome flights of stairs, uneven ground or obstacles placed on the floor.
Horizontal transportation

An innovative vacuum cleaner 

Improving a successful system is never easy. We wanted a filter cleaning system that would maintain efficient filtration at all times, and so we revamped our cleaning system. 
The manual filter cleaning shaker has been equipped with an automatic return to facilitate dust separation and maintain efficient the vacuum cleaner performance.
Manual filter cleaning shaker

A compact vacuum cleaner

As mentioned, the size of the W1 is the smallest in the category of industrial vacuum cleaners. It is very easy to load it into your car or van and take it with you when you are working. Its small size allows you to reach the tightest spaces without difficulty.
Easy load of the vacuum cleaner in the car

A versatile vacuum cleaner

Use the W1 in any situation, whether you are cleaning inside a hotel or holiday resort, removing dust and debris in bakeries and small food businesses, or vacuuming up debris and liquid spills on construction sites. 
It is equipped with a functional Wet & Dry Ø32 accessory kit including: 
  • Floor brush with bristles to remove dust  
  • Floor squeegee for liquid suction
  • PVC brush
  • PVC flat lance
  • PVC suction cup
  • Ergonomic swivel handle
  • 2 steel extensions
  • 1 PVC hose 3m
  • 1 PVC 58/32 hose cuff
Kit Wet & Dry Ø32
What are you waiting for? Join the revolution in industrial vacuuming!
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