Industrial sandblasting waste is one of the most difficult materials to remove in the industrial vacuum world.
It requires specially designed equipment built with the best materials. Innovation and robustness have been embodied in the range of industrial vacuum cleaners which DU-PUY has developed for the sand blasting industry. The use of our vacuum systems can speed up the operations of collection and removal of dust and sand.

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What solutions are available for this type of heavy industry?

The sandblasting process produces a lot of residues. After completing any project the jobsite needs a complete cleanup. In addition to sand and grit mixed with metal scraps, these residues are composed of solvents and need to be suctioned out of deep and hard to reach places. No one enjoys doing this activity, it's both time consuming and costly, but it's extremely necessary to guarantee the quality of the processing. This type of work requires the use of high-powered industrial vacuum cleaners, capable of working continuously in a difficult environment and in contact with abrasive materials. The type of sanding in use is not important: SA1 SA2, SA2e1 / 2, SA3 - or which are the nozzles being used.
DU-PUY has developed a new range of high power vacuum cleaners which perfectly meet all the needs of sandblasting professionals. The abrasive suction equipment vacuums the sands out of the funnel and pulls it through the cyclone cleaner. The dust is extracted and collected in the vacuum cleaner's dust container. 

High power DU-PUY vacuums: strength, resistance, modularity

DU-PUY has designed and produced a new range of heavy duty vacuum cleaners. Powerful and resistant, they can be supplied in fixed or mobile version. Built in Italy with the best materials and an expert workforce, this new range will allow you to easily and efficiently remove sand and grit residues. The supply of an anti-abrasive rubber hose guarantees excellent suction performance and virtually infinite product life.
DU-PUY stands next to your company and guarantees the most suitable equipment for cleaning and maintenance of your production plant and for all cleaning and suction problems related to industrial sandblasting.

Discover all our vacuum solutions to solve dust and residue problems in sandblasting.

Why use a DU-PUY vacuum cleaner for sandblasting? Here are three advantages:

Great vacuum effectiveness

DU-PUY's powerful vacuums enables deep, extensive sand suction in hard places to reach.

Indestructible vacuum cleaners for industrial sandblasting

The DU-PUY range is characterized by a 5mm thick sheet metal construction suitable to withstand the abrasion of the metal grit even in the most heaviest usage.

Possibility to reuse the vacuumed sand

The DU-PUY SILOS range is the ideal solution to vacuum rapidly a large quantity of metal sand and to discharge it easily into sandblasters or grills for reuse.

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