Discover DU-PUY suction solutions to keep your glass production and processing plant clean, safe and efficient. Don't worry, our vacuum cleaner can vacuum dust and small pieces of glass without any problems, discover how.

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A demanding industry which needs tailor made vacuum solutions

One of the most common question in this application area is: "Can I vacuum glass residues with a vacuum cleaner?" The answer is "yes of course" but it's more complicated than you might think. Glass dust and residues can come in contact with the motors, filters and collection bags or canisters and it's possibe for them to be damaged from these fragments. All these aspect are to be considerated during the design of the vacuum equipments. The glass production process involves several well-differentiated phases which require special equipment. DU-PUY industrial vacuum systems can be perfectly integrated and adapted to every stage of the production process. Sheets of glass or blown glass, DU-PUY has a vacuum solution to optimize the preparation of the raw material, the melting of the silica sand or the cooling of the glass.

What do DU-PUY industrial vacuum cleaners do?

The silica raw material is extremely dusty. Both its preparation and its use produce a lot of waste materials. DU-PUY vacuum cleaners allow you to recover this sand and recycle it in your production process, for maximum savings and total efficiency.

Vacuuming glass fragments from the production lines, collecting fragments under the forming machines, suctioning toxic substances or trasporting the glass dust outside the plants: tell us your needs and we will create a tailor made vacuum solution for your company needs.


Why use a DU-PUY vacuum in glass industry? Here are three advantages:

Resistant vacuum cleaners for the glass industry

Thanks to its sturdy 4 or 5mm thick steel construction, DU-PUY industrial vacuum cleaners for the glass industry can withstand the toughest conditions, allowing them to be used at different stages of the production process.

A complete and specific range

For the DU-PUY glass industry, we have designed and built over the years a complete range of vacuum cleaners, consisting of unstationary units, as well as high-performance centralized vacuum cleaners for use in centralized production plants.

Safety in the Glass Industry also passes through here

The use of DU-PUY industrial vacuum increases security within the company throughout the production cycle, ensuring a clean and healthy environment for workers.

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