Every mechanical workshop or large automotive company, every company machining in the mechanical sector produces a large amount of chips and coolant during the production cycle. DU-PUY has developed an innovative and complete range of industrial vacuums to maximize efficiency and cleannliness of your production plant.

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Disposal of lubricants and shavings: a battle for production efficiency

CNC and machine tools produce important quantities of scrap and metal shavings of various sizes and weight. Accumulated in the tanks, they must be removed and disposed of regularly. In addition to this, the metal dust which remains attached to the mechanisms and tools must be regularly suctioned to ensure an always optimal production process. Any production facility needs a suction solution to remain efficient.

A simple and durable suction / recycling solution

DU-PUY, vacuum expert in the mechanical and automotive sector for over 30 years, has designed a range of products unique on the market: bucket vacuums. Engineered for the suction of lubricating oils, emulsions and emulsions mixed with shavings, they are able to filter liquids from solids. This simple and rapid macrofiltration process therefore allows re-use of the suctioned coolant by re-introducing it into machine tools, with obvious economic advantages. These industrial vacuums allow you to save money on waste disposal costs of waste oils, raw materials and logistics. From the small workshop to the giant production line, we have an industrial vacuum cleaner or a bucket vacuum that's right for you.

Innovation at the service of industrial efficiency: the DU-PUY case

The oil and chip vacuums are machines which have always been particularly appreciated by our customers over the years. Why ?
Because DU-PUY industrial vacuum cleaners have always been the object of special care of our researchers, making them the most precise, powerful and innovative products on the market. DU-PUY vacuum cleaners have been designed thanks to countless on-the-field observation so as to anticipate the needs and to satisfy professionals in the mechanical, automotive and heavy industry sectors. Built with the best materials, resistant to time and abrasion of the most damaging oils, DU-PUY machines are a real investment for the productivity of your company.

Why use a DU-PUY vacuum cleaner in the mechanical industry? Here are three advantages:

how to save
in financial terms

DU-PUY oil and chips industrial vacuum cleaners' advantage lies in recycling oils and emulsions, resulting in obvious cost-savings for oil disposals.

Better Productivity

DU-PUY mechanical industry vacuums provide an important cut in cleaning time (2-3 hours per tank down to 30 minutes), a smaller cleaning workforce and a clear decrease of machine stops.

Powerful single or three-phase motors

OIL models are equipped with powerful single or three-phase motors. The range starts at 3 kW and rises up to 12.5kW. More powerful systems can be assembled on customer needs. The electric pump allows an independent discharge of liquids.

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