Industrial vacuum Cleaners DU-PUY : filtration system, efficiency and safety

Industrial vacuum cleaners

Discover all DU-PUY's vacuums solutions. Engineered to clean your productive environment in an easier and faster way way, you will also be able to save money on the maintenance costs.

Our Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Range

Our industrial vacuum cleaners can satisfy all of your needs related to the production site, since they have been engineered "on the field", along with the users of every industrial sector and with the specific requests and needs identified by maintenance managers. DU-PUY industrial vacuum cleaners can vacuum any type of material or production waste, whether liquid, solid or powder. DU-PUY range of vacuum cleaners is suitable for specific cleaning and maintenance needs: lubricants, metal shavings, plastic or textile waste, fine powder, sand, flour, explosive material, etc.

A production line can only be efficient by minimizing machine downtimes and by assigning a suitable number of operators to maintenance tasks such as machines and tools’ cleaning. In addition to standard ranges, DU-PUY can offer customized vacuum solutions, since we catch every particularity or need while visiting production plants. Thanks to several types of filtration and certifications, such as the ATEX one, DU-PUY’s vacuums are always safe and reliable, even in areas at risk of explosion.


Wet and Dry Professional Vacuum Cleaners

made for the cleaning sector, perfect for the suction of wet and dry material

industrial single phase vacuum cleaners

Single-phase Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

for the cleaning of industrial work environments

three phase industrial vacuum cleaner DU-PUY

Three-phase Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

for continuous application and any type of material

Industrial vacuum Cleaners for oil and metal chips by DU-PUY

Oil Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

for the suction and the separation of oils mixed to metal shaves

Silos indsutrial vacuum cleaners DU-PUY

Silos Vacuum Cleaners

for a versatile and customizable vacuum solution

High Power Industrial vacuum cleaners DU-PUY

Heavy Duty Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

for heavy duty and continuous application

Atex certified Industrial Vacuum Cleaners DU-PUY

ATEX Certified Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

for a safe suction in potentially explosive atmospheres

Air compressed industrial vacuum cleaner DU-PUY

Air compressed Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

for any application in environment in which electricity cannot be used

fixed unit on production machinery vacuum cleaner Du-PUY

Fixed Vacuum Unit on production machinery

for the suction of soft material directly on board

Filtration systems for the highest suction efficiency

It is easy to create a powerful vacuum, but it is not so simple to make it resistant to materials of all sorts, as well as to vitiating manufacturing environments. DU-PUY designs and assembles all of its vacuum cleaners, dust collectors, plants and conveyors in Italy and exclusively uses the best available materials. DU-PUY vacuum cleaners are created to face the most hostile working conditions.
DU-PUY is always looking for the most innovative and efficient filtration systems, in order to protect the operator, the air in the production environment and the machine itself. Each type of powder, liquid or solid has different characteristics and requires a suitable filtration system, so as to maintain excellent suction conditions. Depending on the type of material and the frequency of use of the vacuum cleaner (occasional or continuous), filter cleaning also changes: DU-PUY offers manual, semi-automatic cleaning solutions.

ATEX solutions for safe workplaces

DU-PUY vacuum cleaners, thanks to ATEX certifications for zone 21 and zone 22, can be used in hazardous environments, with risk of explosion, due to the presence of flammable gases or dusts. In addition to the classic safety equipment, such as earthing, anti-static filtration or special INOX, DU-PUY can also offer specific safety measures for particular suction needs, such as explosion-proof panels or non-return valves. These accessories allow you to contain fires or explosions and to preserve both the safety of the production plant and operators’ health.

The DU-PUY method: efficiency and savings all at once

Industrial vacuums are the best solution to guarantee the highest productivity levels on a production line. In fact, in addition to save significant time for maintenance, an industrial vacuum ensures safe and rapid waste disposal. DU-PUY vacuum cleaners can be transported by forklift or crane, in order to unload their contents in selected places. Thanks to the separation system of the materials vacuumed by DU-PUY machines, some materials such as oil or lubricants can be recovered and recycled. This allows our customers to save both on waste disposal costs and on raw material purchase costs.