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Guide to choosing the best industrial vacuum cleaner

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Industrial vacuum cleaners: how to choose the right one for your needs

The industrial vacuum cleaner is a very different working tool from the common domestic hoover. Its size, power, filtering elements and increased collecting capacity are just some of the differences that make a vacuum cleaner an essential element in the industrial working environment.
Anyone who works in a production plant knows that one of the most common problems is the creation of enormous quantities of dust and residues, which can cause health issues for workers or order issues in the working environment, with a consequent loss of quality in workmanship. The basic commercial hoover cannot collect the fine dust, rubble, shavings or other residues generally found in workshops or on construction sites.

With these macro differences, how do you choose the right industrial vacuum cleaner?

The first distinctions to be made relate to the material to be vacuumed, the use to be made of it, whether sporadic or continuous, and the place of work.
Knowing well the material to be vacuumed is fundamental in order to know which filtering element to use and what capacity the vacuum cleaner should have. Large quantities of material may require the use of big bags or additional separators to increase the overall capacity and ease of handling.  
The motor unit, on the other hand, depends on the use of the vacuum cleaner. Continuous use requires a three-phase motor head, which is able to work continuously 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without the need for maintenance. In the case of sporadic use, single-phase vacuum cleaners with a bypass motor head are recommended. With a life cycle of approximately 1200 working hours, at the end of which the carbon brushes must be replaced to guarantee a further 800 working hours.
The workplace has a major influence on the construction of the vacuum cleaner. In the presence of aggressive agents, abrasion-resistant materials should be used. On uneven terrain a fixed wall or floor solution with an increased length of suction hose may be preferable.

Which industrial vacuum cleaners we produce

Du-Puy vacuum cleaners can be used in a wide range of industrial applications and, as per our motto, can be customised according to customer needs. Among our proposals you will find:
  • Vacuuming bins
  • Professional and commercial vacuum cleaners
  • Industrial vacuum cleaners for liquids
  • Single-phase industrial vacuum cleaners
  • Three-phase industrial vacuum cleaners
  • Oil vacuum cleaners
  • Chips vacuum cleaners
  • Silos vacuums
  • Powerful vacuum cleaners
  • Atex certified industrial vacuum cleaners
  • Compressed air vacuum cleaners
  • Central vacuum cleaners
  • Industrial dust collectors
  • Oil mist collectors
  • Fume extractors

Vacuuming bins

The most economical and compact commercial vacuum cleaners for dust in our range. These are multi-purpose vacuum cleaners with a resistant steel container and a thermoformed plastic motor head.
They are equipped with a single-phase motor and are suitable for occasional and not too intensive use.
They are recommended for cleaning small workshops or shops, for domestic cleaning or for cleaning hotel's rooms. The 3 meters long hose and the included accessories allow the cleaning even in the smallest spaces.
These vacuuming bins are a multi-purpose solution for a large variety of situations.
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Professional and commercial vacuum cleaners

Professional hoovers for dust and liquids with a large tank capacity, 60 or 100 litres. They are among the most popular vacuum cleaners on the market thanks to their technical characteristics and can meet the cleaning needs of any working environment as well as domestic environments.
They can suck up dust and solids, even mixed with liquids, without any difficulty.
They have a solid and robust construction and a practical tilting system for discharging the vacuumed material.
These wet and dry professional vacuum cleaners have typical features of the industrial vacuum cleaners, such as the bypass motor or the availability of different filtering media to protect the motor.
They're part of the range of compact commercial vacuum cleaners that are easy to transport and load onto vehicles, making them the perfect allies for cleaning professionals.
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Industrial vacuum cleaners for liquids

Industrial vacuum cleaners for liquids are the perfect system for vacuuming up liquids from tanks, canisters and tubs that spill onto floors or work surfaces, making floors slippery and dangerous.
A level control system, controlled by a floating device, allows the vacuum cleaner to stop when the container is full.
Our vacuum cleaners are mounted on wheels for easy handling even when the container is full.
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Single-phase industrial vacuum cleaners

Suitable for use in all types of industry, our single-phase industrial vacuum cleaners have small dimensions and high suction power thanks to 1, 2 or 3 industrial bypass motors.
Capable of simultaneously vacuuming up both solids and liquids, they are suitable for occasional, non-continuous use. The motors, which can be activated by means of independent switches, are installed inside the hood which protects them and reduces noise thanks to the soundproofing material in the motor head.
Equipped with high-efficiency filters (Class L as standard for dust down to 3 microns and with optional Class M filter and Hepa filter) they can capture even the finest dust that is harmful to health.
An ergonomic filter-shaking lever allows the performance to be maintained and to face with the heaviest of uses, always guaranteeing the same suction efficiency.
In addition to the classic metal container, it is possible to equip the vacuum machines with collection bags to prevent dust dispersion. You will find these vacuum cleaners in the food, construction, mechanical engineering and glass and woodworking sectors.
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Three-Phase industrial vacuum cleaners

Three-phase industrial vacuum cleaners are developed and designed for continuous use in heavy duty applications or difficult working conditions. With different powers, up to 18.5 kW, they are equipped with high performance turbines or side channel blowers.
This type of cleaning machine is characterized by high vacuum values, suitable for vacuuming heavy materials in large quantities. Featuring large capacity containers from 65 to 160 litres, this range includes dozens of models and configurations.
The most powerful versions can be used as central suction units in central vacuum systems, becoming real machines for the movimentation and extraction of materials from a distance.
Models with an automatic filter cleaning system, on the other hand, are more suitable for working in environments with large quantities of fine dust, which could compromise the filtering efficiency of the vacuum cleaner itself.
Our desire to innovate and find new solutions allows us to modify the machines to suit the needs of the application.
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Industrial vacuum cleaners for oil

One of the most common problems in mechanical workshops, is undoubtedly the treatment of cooling lubricants used during processing on CNC machines. These lubricants are extremely expensive and normally mixed with the swarf and metal dust generated during the metalworking process, making it impossible to reuse them.
Oilvac is the range of vacuum cleaners for oil. It solves this problem by quickly removing the oil mixed with swarf from machine tanks and filtering it through.
A first stage of filtration for metal swarf is through metal screens and baskets that retain the larger elements. A second stage of filtration is by means of polypropylene filters, 100 or 300 microns in size, which retain the finest metal filings and dust.
In this way, a purified refrigerant oil is obtained which can be returned into the machines by means of independent pumps mounted on the vacuum cleaners.
During the suction, filtration and separation process, the tanks can be thoroughly cleaned and maintained. Du-Puy industrial vacuum cleaners are available with a capacity of up to 500 litres, depending on the number and size of machine tools in the mechanical workshop.
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Chips vacuum cleaners

The chips vacuum cleaners is a tool that is used in every craftsman's workshop or mechanical workshop. The suction buckets have the function of suctioning and collecting the swarf produced during machining.
Bulky, heavy and large quantities of waste require a suction machine with a large capacity and easy manoeuvrability.
Our buckets are built on wheels for easy handling and have a patented tilting system that makes it easy to discharge the chips in the desired location. Metal shavings, wood shavings and glass crystals don't stand a chance!

Silos vacuum systems

Vacuuming silos or filtering silos. Completely handcrafted and built to the customer's production requirements. Our vacuuming silos allow us to offer the customer a 100% customised solution.
The size and material of the structure, the filtering media, the hopper capacity, the filter cleaning system, the material discharge system, the power of the motor head... each element can be configured to suit your needs.
The silos are housed in large warehouse or outside them, ready to unleash their suction power of up to 20kW and their enormous storage capacity of up to 1000 litres.
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Powerful vacuum cleaners

These are heavy duty vacuum cleaners suitable for work in heavy industry.
Mounted on a hopper, they have a powerful lobe pump to release vacuum values of up to 8500 mm/H2O.
In cement factories, foundries, steelworks, incinerators and power stations, they are indispensable tools for keeping work environments clean and safe, and for recovering residual materials from processing that can be returned into the production process.
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Atex certified industrial vacuum cleaners

The health and safety of operators has always been one of our primary objectives.
Since 1999, the European Union has introduced a number of directives that define and regulate the use of equipment and machinery in explosion risk zones.
Externally the Atex certified vacuum cleaners are almost identical to the non Atex models except for the presence of the yellow label and the stainless steel container. At the construction level, however, various measures are taken to prevent the source of ignition inside the hopper, the motor, the filters or any other component of the vacuum cleaner.
Du-Puy Atex certified industrial vacuum cleaners prevent the build-up of static electricity and the overheating of motors. They are suitable for work in environments with flour, carbon fibre, light metals, sugar, paper and other highly flammable materials.
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Compressed air vacuum cleaners

Where there is no electricity or it is impossible to connect to the mains, Du-Puy offers compressed air vacuum cleaners.
Equipped with one or more Venturi ejectors, they are easy to use and offer very high performance for vacuuming solid and liquid material.
These vacuum cleaners are suitable for working in Atex environments as they have no electromechanical components and guarantee long-lasting use, even in continuous operation, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
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Central vacuum system

An industrial vacuum system consist of a suction unit, a filter unit, a collection unit and a system of pipes and connections between these elements, in order to remove and transport the material from an extraction point to a discharge point.
It makes it possible to vacuum large quantities of material in very large working environments and, if necessary, in several places at the same time, thus maximising the efficiency of the system.
It is a completely flexible suction system, which can be installed directly on the wall to minimise space requirements and can be transported if required.
Impianti centralizzati d'aspirazione

Industrial dust collectors

Unlike industrial vacuum cleaners, dust collectors move and attract a large amount of air, which enables them to capture small particles of airborne pollutants.
These micro dust particles can cause serious damage to human health or the environment.
An industrial dust collector is necessary in the presence of production machinery that cuts, files or crumbles metal and plastic materials or raw food or pharmaceutical materials.
In general, these processes are accompanied by a dedusting system capable of extracting dust directly at the source to limit dispersion into the surrounding environment.
Our industrial dust collectors can be equipped with cartridge filters with a large filtering surface area, bag filters for the finest and most contaminating dust or panel filters for the progressive filtration of fumes and mists.

Depolveratori industriali

Oil mist extractors

Compact and efficient extraction systems to clean the air inside the cabins of CNC machines.
During machining, cooling oil is thrown in to cool the tools and improve the quality of the manufactured products. During the process, continuous rubbing takes place between the various metal parts involved, which causes a rise in temperature and mists the oil.
The mist that is created needs to be expelled from the cabin but at the same time cannot be released into the working environment in order not to create health problems for the operators.
Using SKY, our oil mist collectors, and the principle of centrifugal force, it is possible to extract and recondense the mist into oil and return it to the machine tool cabin.
Our oil mist filters are compatible with almost all machine tools on the market thanks to the various mounting options.
unità filtranti per nebbie oleose

Fume extractors

Continuous exposure to welding fumes or vapours released in chemical processes can cause serious health problems for operators.
It is advisable to have a fume extraction system to capture fumes directly at the source. These extraction units are generally equipped with a progressive stage filtration system to purify the air and return it to the environment.
A filter saturation led indicator ensures that filtration efficiency is always high.

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