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How to efficiently clean CNC machines in your mechanical workshop

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The advantages of efficient cleaning of CNC machinery in mechanical workshops

At least twice a year, all metal-working workshops needed maintenance and a complete cleaning of the CNC machinery to ensure their maximum efficiency.
The CNC machinery are machines designed to produce in series a large quantity of pieces, all equal to each other, removing, with a specific tools installed in the turret, large quantities of material in the form of chips or swarfs.

An evacuator transfers these chips to the outside of the machine while in bottom position it's always present a tank of coolant that has the purpose to cool the tools used in the processing. The evacuator is a perforated tape that evacuates the biggest and most bulky chips, unloading them in special containers outside the machine.

The importance and benefits of lubricating oil

Oil container

During processing, the tanks, previously filled with cooling emulsion, are filled with guide oil, slime and swarf. The more time passes the more the layer of guide oil and slime increases creating several problems to the production because handling from 200 to more than 1000 liters of lubricant is not at all easy and fast.
The three liquids, of different consistencies, are arranged on three levels:
  • Hydraulic oil (lighter, surface)
  • Cooling emulsion
  • Slime and shavings (heavy sediment)

The slime mixed with the fine chip, is material that escaped from the evacuator and ends up in the tank. The increase in this sludge is likely to clog all the cooling nozzles and the pump of relaunch of the CNC machinery, as well as occupying enough space in the tank to prevent the coolant from cooling off quickly. In this way, the emulsion reaches the tool hot, failing to cool it and impairing its life and efficiency. Hydraulic oil, on the other hand, prevents oxygenation and promotes the emergence of mould and the proliferation of bacteria.

Stop wasting time and precious lubricating oil! How? With industrial vacuum cleaner!

Maybe you never thought about it, but there is a fast and efficient way to carry out all those cleaning operations to keep your CNC machine efficient without effort and with great economic benefits!
The industrial vacuum cleaners of OILVAC range are dedicated to mechanical workshop, allow the collection and separation of the oil from the swarf generated in the machining process, allowing the accurate cleaning of the tanks of the machine tools, thus avoiding possible bacterial proliferation and especially extending the life of the lubrorefrigerant.
The filtered emulsion, cleaned of the waste material, can be returned to the machine tool or disposed of.

Advantages of DU-PUY industrial vacuum cleaners

Industrial vacuum cleaners are indispensable tools for the maintenance and cleaning of mechanical workshops. DU-PUY vacuum cleaners are not only machines for routine maintenance, but a tool that improves production performance.
The wide choice of single-phase vacuum cleaners or tilting vacuum with side-channel turbine for more demanding use, covers at 360° any need within the mechanical workshop.
The OILVAC range of industrial vacuum cleaners is ideal for machining centers, as it increases productivity, reducing downtime to a minimum, ensuring:
  • Instant separation of oil / chips thanks to the standard grilled basket on all models
  • Fine filtration to 100 or 300 microns to retain the finest filiia and a part of foreign oil
  • Oxygenation of lubrorefrigerant
  • Cleaner and better performing machine pumps avoiding blockages and expensive machine downtime
  • Tank cleaning with sludge and swarf removal
  • Cost savings for emulsion buy-back 
  • Saving on waste recovery (in case of brass machining)
  • Reduce machine downtime by speeding up cleaning operations
  • Reuse of refrigerants, thus avoiding disposal and associated costs
  • Containment of risks to workers' health
  • Simplify cleaning and maintenance of machine tools
Oil pump
Our OILVAC range, therefore, is not only a normal range of industrial vacuum cleaners but a real plus that saves time and money, a maintenance system indispensable for your work machines.

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