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PROVAC: Du-Puy's new range of all-around professional vacuum cleaners

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Easy to handle, resistant, and user-friendly: these are the main features of the new line of Du-Puy vacuum cleaners.

Du-Puy has just launched the new range of professional vacuum cleaners "PROVAC". This new line of products is designed to meet the needs of professional operators who are looking for powerful, durable, easy-to-use, and compact designed machines.
The PROVAC range offers four models to choose from: Provac 150, Provac 300, Provac 702, and Provac 703C. All these models are equipped with one or more extremely silent motors, making them ideal for use in noise-sensitive environments, such as hotels, schools, and offices.

PROVAC 150: Small and light vacuum cleaner

The Provac 150 model is the lightest in the range, weighing only 8 kg. It is a highly performing machine, designed to ensure deep and fast cleaning inside small businesses or premises, as well as during domestic cleaning. Despite its lightweight, it is able to provide powerful suction thanks to its 900 Watt motor capable of releasing 1,900mm/H2O and filtering most dry dust thanks to the 0.1 square meter polyester bag filter.
The vacuum cleaner is sold together with its dedicated kit of accessories for dust and solids.

Provac 150 lightweight vacuum cleaner

PROVAC 300: Compact wet and dry vacuum cleaner 

Provac 300 is the first vacuum in the range with an aluminum body, designed to withstand impacts and the ideal vacuum cleaner for semi-intensive use in cleaning medium to large-sized offices, restaurants, hotels, and warehouses. The mechanical float inside allows for easy vacuuming of liquids. Provac 300 weighs 12 kg and is equipped with a 1.1kW by-pass motor that generates 2,400mm/H2O of suction.
The accessory kit, included with the vacuum, consists of extensions, a flexible hose, a brush, a PVC lance, and two brushes: one for liquids and one for dust and small debris.

Provac 300 in warehouse cleaning

PROVAC 702: All around vacuum cleaner

With the Provac 702, you switch to a professional vacuum equipped with 2 by-pass motors. While maintaining compact dimensions, it allows for easy vacuuming of solids and liquids. This machine was designed to satisfy artisans and experienced users who need to perform accurate cleaning jobs and require great suction power.
It comes with a tank capacity of 70 liters and a double filter, a bag filter for dust and debris and a sponge filter to protect the motor during liquid suction. Inside, there is a float that detects and blocks the passage of liquids and allows for the closure of the suction hole located under the motor.
An accessory holder system, located on the base, allows you to bring the necessary tools for cleaning with you.
PROVAC 702 in pastry bakery

PROVAC 703C: Trolley vacuum cleaner with 3 motors

The Wet&Dry PROVAC 703C vacuum cleaner is a compact and mobile professional tool ideal for suctioning liquids and dust. With its three 1,100 W by-pass motors, which can be operated individually, this professional vacuum cleaner is suitable for multiple fields of application, including industry, construction, food processing, and general cleaning.
Equipped with a trolley with handles for transportation, it features a convenient tilting system thanks to a joint positioned on the trolley, making the emptying operation easy and fast.
A practical float interrupts suction when the liquid level reaches the maximum level to protect the motor.
PROVAC 703C for construction site
As seen, Du-Puy professional vacuums are available in different configurations, with various sizes and features. This means that you can choose the right vacuum for your work environment, regardless of cleaning needs and the type of surface you need to clean.

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