The OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) sector is very demanding and requires special equipment which can perform on any point of the manufacturers' production machinery, to optimize the production cycle. DU-PUY industrial vacuum cleaners offer a complete range of robust and long lasting products.

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Building for machine builders: a listen and trust pact

Companies which build production machinery for the most varied sectors (mechanical, surface treatment, electronic, paper, wood, automotive, food, agriculture, construction, etc.) need to integrate vacuum units into their production cycles. Industrial vacuum cleaners which are present throughout the production cycle improve its efficiency, ensure workers' safety and optimize company resources.

Many needs which find the answers with DU-PUY

Each production block has a specific need to which DU-PUY can respond with professionality. For example, the range of vacuum cleaners we propose includes dust collectors equipped with an electric fan capable of continuously suctioning suspended dust.
Other models, such as units fixed on board of machines, are able to treat light waste with a moderate sized system, or to connect directly to surface treatment equipment or to collect welding fumes, etc.
Quick and efficient removal of waste and processing powders guarantees a high quality finished product as well as good continuous operation of the production process.

DU-PUY does not only suction: it transports! Do you need to transport raw material in granules or powder during your production process? DU-PUY has developed a complete range of pneumatic conveyors suitable for fast and safe transport of material from one point to another.
Discover the pneumatic transport range.

DU-PUY industrial vacuum solutions for OEMs are completely customizable.
Ask our experts for a solution to your industrial needs.

Why use a DU-PUY vacuum for OEMs? Here are three advantages:

Flexibility and experience

In DU-PUY we design and manufacture tailor-made solutions to provide products that meet the technical characteristics of customer machinery, automating where necessary the suction and discharge process to achieve greater efficiency and production efficacy.

Increased productivity for OEMs

The integration of an industrial suction unit created specifically for the customer and his specific industry guarantees increased productivity for manufacturers worldwide.

Industrial Suction for OEMs OF ALL SECTORS

The know-how of DU-PUY is able to meet the demands of many industrial sectors: mechanical, surface treatment, electronics, paper, wood and many more.

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