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Industrial vacuum cleaner for 3D printing

Works safely in additive manufacturing with Dupuy industrial vacuum cleaners. Additive manufacturing has revolutionized the field of prototyping. In the last years, in the field of research and development, there has been an exponential increase in the ...

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Solving dust and sand problems in sandblasting

The preparation of the product The sandblasting process is an indispensable step in many activities related to the mechanical industry. In the final phase of preparation of a metal object it is necessary to remove impurities or to give particular ...

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How to efficiently clean CNC machines in your mechanical workshop

The advantages of efficient cleaning of CNC machinery in mechanical workshops At least twice a year, all metal-working workshops needed maintenance and a complete cleaning of the CNC machinery to ensure their maximum efficiency. The CNC machinery ...

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Breaking news - Coronavirus

Dear Customer, supplier or partner,   In consideration of the ongoing epidemiological emergency situation of coronavirus (COVID 19) and related to government and regional measures, DU-PUY suspends all services that do not meet essential needs, such ...

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New industrial vacuum cleaner for dust collection

Dust Collector DEDUST: The new range of industrial vacuum cleaner for suspended dust and fumes. The production cycle of manufacturing companies produces dusts and fumes of all kinds, which, if not controlled, are dangerously dispersed in the ...

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The risk of the exposure to Crystalline silica dust

The risk of the exposure to crystalline silica at the workplace is an important issue to pay attention to and requires certain measures to limit the danger. The Silica is, in fact, a carcinogenic substance, classified as "category 1", as ...

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Oil mist and industrial fumes: risks and prevention in a mechanical workshop

The use of cooling lubricants with machine tools generates oil mists and fumes which jeopardize hygiene and safety in the workplace.   There are many risks deriving from the presence of oil mists inside the mechanical workshop and they should not be ...

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Summer maintenance of machines: the best tools to obtain the best performance

At least twice a year, all metalworking workshops must carry out maintenance and complete cleaning of machines which are used daily.     What is the general cleaning of a mechanical workshop? 1. Empty and clean the CNC machine tanks 2. Clean ...

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DU-PUY will be at MECSPE 2019 !

From 28 to 30 March in Parma, DU-PUY will attend to MECSPE, the reference trade fair which offers to visitors a complete overview of production and industrial supply chain. During this special event, DU-PUY will present its range of ...

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What happened in DU-PUY in 2018

2018 has been the year of DU-PUY’s growth: new staff, new products, new international trade fairs ... Let's retrace the fundamental steps!   DU-PUY’s innovation to meet the needs of the industrial world No development means no future. ...

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