From cleaning the plant to the safety and health of workers, DU-PUY develops efficient and durable solutions for cement factories. Tell us about your seals, and we will build the perfect solution for your production plant.

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Cement powder is one of the most dangerous dusts for human health. Inhalation or prolonged ingestion of cement dust can cause serious health problems in both the short and long term (respiratory problems, skin irritation or digestive problems). The use of PPE (personal protective equipment) such as masks and protective goggles is the first level of protection against cement dust. Careful cleaning of the working environment allows to reduce the health risks deriving from the inhalation of these powders.


It is essential to prevent workers' health risks through careful cleaning of working environments. The industry has adopted the most efficient solution to solve this problem: industrial suction. Various configurations are offered to professionals , to fit in the best possible way in their production plant.


Whether you need a fixed suction system or a compact and mobile solution, DU-PUY is able to accompany every need of your production towards an optimization of resources. Our experts have been working in collaboration with cement professionals  for over 50 years and know perfectly the needs of your industry. Crushing, grinding raw, passing in the oven, transport, the historical expertise of DU-PUY guarantees you a simple, efficient and competent production process.

The industrial vacuum cleaners for DU-PUY cement plants are able to generate high values ​​of suction power, as well as guarantee highly efficient filtering systems, specifically designed for very impregnating materials, just like cement powder.
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Why use a DU-PUY vacuum cleaner in the cement industry? Here are three advantages:

Safety and health in cement factories

A continuous vacuum of large quantities of dense material such as cement and concrete dust limits the risk to human health such as respiratory problems, skin irritations or digestive problems.

Continuous suction. Real power.

The innovative and powerful Pneumatic system (6 BAR) for automatic filter cleaning allows to vacuum continuously without the need to regenerate or replace the filters manually.

CVS: Centralized Vacuum Systems for large size cement factories

A centralized vacuum system is ideal for large-scale cement factories. It collects simultaneously, and at multiple locations in the plant, large quantities of materials to reach optimal output, thus improving work performance and decreasing maintenance costs.

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