DEDUST 8 - Dust collector for
centralized dedusting systems

DEDUST 8 - Dust Collector for central vacuum systems
The dust collection system DEDUST 8 has a high air flow suction unit, which provides a very high air flow performance and enables to rapidly dedust big quantities of fine and floating dust from working environment.
Airborne dust and ultra fine particles can be hazardous to human health, and should be extracted before reaching the breathing zone. Typical sources producing fine dust are cutting, grinding, sanding and transportation. Our dust extraction system was developed with various filtration solutions, extraction arms, automatic filter cleaning system and piping.
The filter unit is composed by 8 antistatic cartridge filters, placed inside the steel filter chamber; the cartridges are made of antistatic polyester, and provide a high filtration surface (800.000 cm2 in total) which reduces clogging even when picking up big quantities of dust (even fine dust, thanks to the class M high filtration efficiency of 1 micron).
An intelligent automatic cleaning system (reverse alternated air pulse) enables to clean the filter frequently and efficiently: a compressor (not installed) provides a jet of compressed air, which is alternately blown into each of the cartridges. The system is totally automatic (cleaning frequency is automatic and starts when the cartridges are dirty with dust, thanks to a differential pressure sensor which checks the filter saturation and start the cleaning cycle only when needed) and enables to increase the life and maintain the suction performance of the machine, even over long periods of heavy duty service.
The vacuumed material is placed inside a drop-down bin mounted on wheels (90 liters capacity), which makes it possible to dispose easily and safely of the vacuumed material.
Whether your facility’s processes involve metals, chemicals or other materials, Dupuy's dust collectors intervene to keep your facility clean. Our dust collection systems are used successfully in a wide variety of industries.
This dedusting unit is mounted on a sturdy fixed steel chassis; all metal parts of the dust collector are epoxy painted.
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Description Unit DEDUST 8 - Dust Collector for central vacuum systems
VoltageV - Hz400 - 50
Power kW5,5
Electrical protectionIP55
Max waterliftmmH2O350 - 245
Max air flowm³/h3000 - 5400
Suction inletmm1 x 300
Noise level (EN ISO 3744)dB(A)74
Filter TypeCartridge
Surface - Diametercm²-mm800.000 - 325
Material - EfficiencyIEC 60335-2-69Polyester - ANT M
Cleaning systemAutomatic PN
Collection tankSteel
Discharge systemRoll-out container
Dimensionscm120 x 110 x 330h
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