Welding Fume Extractors

The mechanical workshop is always at the center of our attention. We have always been designing vacuum solutions to improve the quality of the air and of the work inside the area where mechanical processing takes place. During the processes of treatment of metal surfaces, fumes and fine dusts (with microparticles of suspended dust with a diameter inferior to 0,1 µm) are continuously produced, which if inhaled can bring serious consequences to the health of the operators. The activity of welding must therefore be carried out with particular attention to the figure of the welder.
Specifically, welding is the fusion of two metallic components by means of a localised heat source emitted by a welding torch. During this process, fumes, gases and vapors that are harmful to health are released.
Gases, vapours, odours or fumes should be extracted as close as possible to where they are produced. Occupational exposure limit values (OELVs) set the limit for the average concentration of pollutants that must never be exceeded within a worker's breathing zone. These values are taken from scientific data provided by the Ministry of Health. Their purpose is to limit the presence of dust and microparticles in the working environment. The occupational exposure limit values are a key objective and efforts will be made to lower them to the lowest possible values.
The range of Du-Puy vacuum cleaners dedicated to the world of welding offers a series of effective tools to prevent these toxic fumes from being dispersed in the working environment and breathed in by the operators. How? By sucking up the fumes and dust released by the processes directly at the source and cleanses them of chemical and harmful substances.
All our fumes extractors are equipped with a self-supporting extraction arm suitable for localized suction. They are of compact dimensions in order to be moved in the various work stations in a simple and fast way. They are essential instruments for the maintenance of the quality of the air in the car bodyworks, carpentries, mechanical workshops, shipyards and manufacturing companies.

Fume extractors for mechanical industry

The range of welding fume extractors

Our fume extraction solutions are mobile and compact in size for an easy movimentation within rooms and to provide localized gas extraction directly at the source.
Du-Puy fume extractors are equipped with a cartridge or panel filtration system for progressive stage filtration.
Our range is composed by::
- Absolute Hepa filter vacuum units, with very high dust abatement capacity, designed for filtering fumes released during metal and steel welding processes, suitable for reissue purified air into the working environment
- Filtering units with active carbons, for the removal of fumes, vapors and odors released during welding processes and chemical applications;
- Suction solutions for large quantities of fume and dust, suitable for continuous use in metal surface treatments. Possibility of H13 absolute post-filter, activated carbon (12Kg), automatic filter cleaning system in counter-current air and of ATEX certified machine for working in low explosion risk environments;
- 2-in-1 Industrial vacuum cleaners for mig-mag welders, with automatic start/stop device that allows the vacuum cleaner to be switched on and off without performing any operation and cleaning mode for cleaning the working area.

DEDUST 1 - Mobile and compact dust collector >DEDUST 1 - Mobile and compact dust collector

Dust collector for large quantities of fume and dust in suspension

Fumebuster AC - Welding fume extractor with active carbons >Fumebuster AC - Welding fume extractor with active carbons

Fumebuster AC
Welding and chemical process fumes and odors extractor

Fumebuster H - Welding fume extractor with hepa filter >Fumebuster H - Welding fume extractor with hepa filter

Fumebuster H
Welding fume extractor with absolute Hepa filter

Fumevac - Vacuum cleaner for welding fumes >Fumevac - Vacuum cleaner for welding fumes

2 in 1 vacuum cleaner for welding fume extraction


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