DU-PUY vacuum cleaners ATEX certified

ATEX Certified Vacuum Cleaners

DU-PUY offers a complete range of ATEX certified industrial vacuum cleaners which perfectly meet safety standards of every industrial sector. For explosion risk areas, DU-PUY has created a series of certified vacuum cleaners, with components and accessories suitable for contact with flammable or explosive materials.

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ATEX Vacuum Range

The ATEX certified industrial vacuum cleaners are suitable for operating in explosion risk environments.
The ATEX certification for industrial vacuuming requires stringent safety systems such as grounding, the presence of antistatic filters, certified motors, isolated electrical parts and a turbine-driven suction body. Industrial vacuum cleaners for explosive environments must be certified in order to work under the highest safety standards. Ask our DU-PUY experts for advice to design your tailor-made safety solution.

B 40 ATEX - ATEX Industrial Vacuum Cleaner - Class M

B 40 ATEX - ATEX Industrial Vacuum Cleaner - Class M
B 40 ATEX is an industrial vacuum cleaner characterized by a great power and certified to work in areas with risk of ATEX explosion. The large surface class M filter and the safety filter (cat "M") included as standard guarantees the safety of the working environment even in the presence of very fine and / or toxic dusts.

The B 40 three-phase industrial vacuum cleaner has a power of 5.5 kW. Able of collect up to 150 liters of material, this high capacity industrial vacuum cleaner is designed to simplify the suction of various types of materials, solid or liquid.
This vacuum cleaner is suitable for mobile or fixed service (centralized system), where it reaches its maximum performance. Other ATEX industrial vacuums are available.
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The B 40 ATEX in 8 points:
  • High power vacuum cleaner for mobile service or on centralized suction plant.
  • Possibility of vacuuming dust, solids and liquids.
  • Vacuum relief valve and integrated motor temperature PTC probe.
  • Class M aspirator with standard Class M filter and secondary turbine safety secondary filter.
  • Aspirator with easy unloading through tipping with forklift
  • Integrated bucket tipping system for easy unloading
  • Frame prepared for lifting and emptying with a forklift truck
  • Manual filter shaker

M 50 ATEX - Industrial Vacuum Cleaner - ATEX certification

M 50 ATEX - Industrial Vacuum Cleaner - ATEX certification

The M50 ATEX Series industrial vacuum cleaner is suitable for any production application in explosion risk areas: workshop, laboratory, metalworking industry, cement factory, carpentry or artisan workshop. Do you need to change accessory during vacuuming? No problem - the "M" series has a built in accessory basket. Versatile thanks the blower's modularity which can be selected according to customer's needs. Equipped with a 100 lt easily detachable container, built with extremely sturdy steels and plastics, this trolley-mounted vacuum cleaner resists time and heavier applications.

M 50 ATEX in 4 points:

  • Motor suitable for continuous service 24/24, without maintenance, in potentially explosive environments
  • Possibility to simultaneously suction dusts, liquids and solids.
  • High filter surface with filter cleaning system and integrated filter efficiency indicator.
  • Easily detachable 100 lt container with the possibility of bagging. 

S605 ATEX - ATEX Silos industrial vacuum

S605 ATEX - ATEX Silos industrial vacuum
The Silos S 605 Atex Industrial vacuum cleaner offers very high containment capacity. Built with the most robust materials, it is a machine made to last over time without ever showing signs of weakness. Its motor is separately located in a central vacuum unit. This feature provides modularity which is much appreciated by professionals who seek uncompromising equipment.

The square structure of this industrial vacuum cleaner can contain between 600 and 1000 liters of suctioned material. Ideal for suction of solids and dust, its clever design allows integration into your production plant as well as in explosion risk areas. Suctioned material is easily discharged into a drum or BIG-BAG, to optimize production times. This silos vacuum cleaner is highly versatile and allows you to choose between different options ranging from its height to the power of its engine (from 4 to 25 kW).

S 605 in 6 points:
  • High power suction unit for mobile service or centralized suction system (motor easily detachable from the silos)
  • Possibility to vacuum dust, explosive or flammable solids.
  • Possibility of construction completely in AISI 316 stainless steel
  • Vacuum relief valve and integrated motor temperature PTC probe.
  • Standard class M filter and secondary turbine safety filter.
  • Discharge with BIG-BAG bagging directed by manual or electromechanical butterfly valve

W 2 Eco Atex

W 2 Eco Atex
The W 2 Eco Atex industrial vacuum cleaner is suitable when in need to combine working in explosion risk areas and use of a compact unit. The W 2 Eco Atex is ideal for use in the workshop, chemical laboratory, food laboratory, metalworking industry, or artisan workshop.

Its size? 55x63x130 cm! Built in industrial steel, its extreme compactness and its power are appreciated by those who need a quick and efficient, wheeled vacuum cleaner.
Its side channel blower allows continuous use and incredible performance!

The W 2 Eco Atex in five points:
  • Compact, high mobility industrial vacuum cleaner
  • 100% steel construction
  • Possibility to simultaneously suction dust, liquids and solids.
  • Quick release container, with possibility of bagging, 40 liters capacity.
  • Filter clogging indicator and integrated manual cleaning system


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