Industrial Vacuum Cleaners single phase DU-PUY

Single Phase Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

Single-phase vacuum cleaners are the compromise for those seeking high power and collection capacity, user-friendly machines and 100% industrial sturdiness. Industrial vacuuming according to DU-PUY.

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Single Phase Vacuum Range

The DU-PUY range of single-phase industrial vacuum cleaners meets all the needs professionals may have in their companies.
Very suitable to clean any dusty (liquid or solid) material, this range of products consists in wheeled vacuum cleaners specifically designed to speed up professionals' production processes. Ideal for the technical cleaning of working environments and machineries, discover our different models, differentiated by their size, their capacity and their unloading systems.

W 2 - Compact industrial vacuum cleaner

W 2 - Compact industrial vacuum cleaner
The W 2 is the highlight of 2018! Ideal for cleaning and handling of small and medium quantities of material, particularly in the chemical-pharmaceutical, food and milling industries. Its performance and maneuverability make it a valuable ally for effective cleaning. W 2 dimensions a mere 55x63x115cm! Built in industrial steel, its extreme compactness and its power are appreciated by those professionals who need effective and easy to handle, wheeled vacuum cleaners.

The W 2 in 5 points: 
  • Compact, very easy to handle and transport industrial vacuum cleaner.
  • 100% steel construction.
  • Simultaneous vacuuming of dust, liquids and solids.
  • Container: quickly detachable; possibility of baggong; 40 liters capacity.
  • Filter clogging indicator and integrated manual cleaning system.

W 3 - Industrial vacuum cleaner for versatile use

W 3 - Industrial vacuum cleaner for versatile use
The W 3 is a versatile and very practical industrial vacuum cleaner.
This trolley-mounted vacuum cleaner, equipped with three by-pass motors and an accessory basket, can be used in any industrial sector: mechanical workshop, carpentry, artisan workshop, medical laboratory, cement factory ...
Thanks to its small size, attention to detail during manufacturing and its practicality, the W3 is one of our customers most appreciated products.

The W 3 in 8 points:
  • Versatility of application
  • 3 powerful single-phase Lamb Electric by-pass motors
  • Simultaneous suction of dust, liquids and solids
  • 100% painted steel construction
  • Integrated manual filter shaking system
  • Large surface stellar primary filter - 20000 cm2
  • Quickly detachable 60 lt capacity container
  • Accessory basket and flexible hose reel

WD 3000 / WD 4500 - Industrial vacuum single-phase - 2 motors

WD 3000 / WD 4500 - Industrial vacuum single-phase - 2 motors
The W 3000 is a single-phase Wet & Dry industrial vacuum cleaner equipped with two single-phase Lamb Electric by-pass motors. W 3000 is a wheeled model, and is particularly suitable for cleaning companies or for use in sectors such as transport, construction, mechanics and food.
W 3000 includes a smart, container-tilting system which allows for easy unloading of the vacuumed waste. Robust in construction, this easy to use industrial vacuum system enables easy and effective cleaning of working environments.

The W 3000 in 5 points:
  • 100% industrial steel construction
  • Suitable for simultaneous vacuuming of dust, solids and liquids.
  • Standard equipped with aluminum floating device and polyester dust filter.
  • Tilting 60 lt. container for easy emptying.
  • Compact and lightweight, ideal for technical cleaning of working environments.


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