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Compressed Air Powered Vacuum Cleaners

In industrial environments where the use of electricity is not permitted, tools operated with compressed air are utilized. DU-PUY has designed two of its best-sellers with compressed air, operating with the impressive Venturi system. Capable of working indefinitely without overheating or wearing out, DU-PUY vacuum cleaners are your solution.

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Compressed Air Range

Compressed air industrial vacuums developed by DU-PUY make no compromises. Sturdy, handy and ideal for working without power supply, they ensure excellent performance. The venturi pump system used allows our customers to handle large quantities of material, as in the case of our bucket vacuums, without effort or time loss. Do you want to define your project better? Ask our experts for advice.

CHIPVAC 200 AIR - Aspiratore a Benna alimentato da Aria Compressa - Settore navale e sabbiature

CHIPVAC 200 AIR - Aspiratore a Benna alimentato da Aria Compressa - Settore navale e sabbiature
The industrial bucket vacuumCHIPVAC 200 AIR launches the bucket vacuum range.
It is particularly recommendable in industrial sectors with specific needs. In the absence of an electrical power source, to save on the price of electricity when energy needs are very high, or in the ATEX area, compressed air is a precious ally. The sectors that have these needs are mainly naval, large quantity sandblasting and explosion risk areas.

How does compressed air supply work? With a simple and reliable Venturi ejector system. This bucket vacuum has two, which allows it to develop a total of 300 m3 / hour of air flow.

Capable of collecting up to 150 liters of material, this high capacity industrial vacuum cleaner is designed to simplify the suction of materials of various kinds, solid or liquid.

The bucket vacuum CHIPVAC 200 AIR is equipped with a patented transport and unloading system through a forklift truck. Safe, fast and ingenious, it allows you to unload the suctioned material directly where necessary, thanks to the bucket's 45 or 90 ° tilting system.

The machine's high maneuverability makes it suitable for use in small spaces where the quantity of material to be vacuumed is significant. A level indicator and simple filter cleaning system reinforce its high practicality.

The CHIPVAC 200 AIR in 5 points:
  • 2 venturi ejectors
  • 100% steel construction in 4 mm thick painted steel
  • Chassis designed for lifting and emptying with a forklift truck
  • Rapid discharge of liquids through a ball valve located on the bottom of the collection tank
  • Safe suction for blocking the tilting movement.

W 3 AIR - Air compressed industrial vacuum cleaner

W 3 AIR - Air compressed industrial vacuum cleaner
The W 3 Air is a multi-purpose industrial vacuum cleaner, easy to handle and practical.
This trolley-mounted vacuum cleaner, equipped with two Venturi pumps and a basket for accessories, can be used in every industrial sector where the use of an electric power source is problematic: no power source, budget strategy to save on the price of the electricity when energy needs are very high, or ATEX zone.

The small dimensions of this wheeled vacuum cleaner, the attention to detail in its construction and its practicality make it a valuable tool for the metalworking, shipbuilding or sandblasting industries. The two Venturi ejectors generate excellent performance (300 m3 / hour of air flow) and are totally maintenance-free.
This vacuum cleaner can work indefinitely without overheating or wearing out.

The W 3 Air in 7 points:
  • Flexibility of use at the highest levels
  • Industrial suction with 2 venturi ejectors
  • Simultaneous suction of powders, liquids and solids
  • 100% construction in painted steel
  • Stellar primary filter with large surface of 20000 cm2
  • Quick release container with 60 lt capacity
  • Accessory basket and flexible hose reel

WD 3000 AIR - Aspiratore Aria Compressa compatto - Capienza Media

WD 3000 AIR - Aspiratore Aria Compressa compatto - Capienza Media
The WD 3000 Air is the most compact industrial vacuum cleaner in the compressed air range. Also equipped with a Venturi ejectors feeder, it is able to be used in the absence of an electric power source, in the context of a budgetary strategy to save on the price of electricity when energy needs are very high, or in ATEX areas. This wheeled vacuum cleaner is suitable for Wet and Dry applications, to suction liquids, solids and dust even simultaneously.

Robustness and maneuverability make it the best compressed air vacuum unit for technical cleaning of laboratories or on construction sites.

The WD 3000 Air in 5 points:
  •  Operation with 1 Venturi pump, air flow rate of 150 m3 / hr.
  •  Suitable for vacuuming dust, solids and liquids, also simultaneously.
  • Aluminum float and polyester dust filter, standard.
  • 60 lt tilting container for easy emptying.
  • Compact and lightweight, ideal for technical cleaning of work environments


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