WD 1500C professional vacuum cleaner for
powders, liquids and solids

WD 1500 C - Industrial vacuum cleaner for wet and dry
Commercial vacuum cleaner and industrial vacuum units: Power and Compactness.
The strong point of these models lies in their simplicity and reliability. Relentless in the suctioning of dust and light scraps, these professional vacuum units are simple to use.

Direct insertion of the waste bag into the suction drum allows for easy waste removal without dispersion. Vacuuming of liquids is safe: just easily remove the polyester filter.

When vacuuming starts, an integrated floating device positioned inside the container rises together with the liquid level and stops the vacuuming operation when the maximum level is reached, safeguarding the motor. These vacuum cleaners are suitable for cleaning companies and for craftspersons who work directly on site or inside workshops thanks to the tank capacity of 65lt.

Vacuum unit
The suction is developed by 1 single-phase motor, by-pass type, protected inside a solid ABS header, containing sound-absorbing material that minimizes noise during service. The air outlet is directed downwards so as not to disturb the operator or stir up dust in the surrounding environment. Two handles on the head of the unit allow it to be lifted easily for inspection or replacement of the filter underneath.
Filter unit
Inside the stainless steel collection container there is the polyester filter, which protects the suction unit, assures a high dust retention and guarantees the purity of the outgoing air, thanks to a wide surface (2000cm2) and a high filtration efficiency (3 micron). The suction system allows the simultaneous suction of dust, solids and liquids (within the container capacity, liquid float installed as standard) without the need to replace or remove the filter. 
Collection unit
The suctioned material is deposited in a stainless steel container mounted on a tilting trolley (capacity 65 liters).
The vacuum cleaner is mounted on a sturdy chrome-plated steel frame, equipped with non-marking swivel wheels with parking brake. 
The tilting trolley allows the bin to be emptied easily. 
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Description Unit WD 1500 C - Industrial vacuum cleaner for wet and dry
VoltageV - Hz230 - 50
Power kW1,1
Max waterliftmmH2O2400
Max air flowm³/h180
Suction inletmm40
Filter TypeBag
Surface - Diametercm²-mm2000
Dimensionscm53 x 68 x 89h
Download WD 1500 C - Industrial vacuum cleaner for wet and dry Datasheet

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