SKY 250 - 500 Oil mist collectors for
small size CNC machinery

SKY 250/500 - Oil Mist Collectors
The new range of DU-PUY oil mist filters includes models with air flow rates ranging from 250 to 2,500 mc/h, making it possible to meet the pollutant extraction needs of any type of machine tool in the mechanical industry. This system allows the purified air to be returned to the environment and the oil or emulsions to be recovered. 
These oil mist extractors exploit the principle of coalescence, the propensity of oil droplets to aggregate into larger and heavier droplets that will eventually fall, leaving the air purified and released back into the environment.

SKY is the only oil mist extractor on the market which, without any type of modification or adapter, can accommodate two different types of filtering media without distinction: a multilayer filter (standard) or a pleated cartridge with a high filtering surface area and coalescing pre-filter. 
The multilayer filter with progressive efficiency in polyurethane foam and glass fibre is certified EN779:2012 "G3" and "G4" respectively.
The cartridge filter is certified "M" (IFA/BGIA) with special coalescing filter certified "F5".

Thanks to its compact design, SKY filter units can be easily mounted directly on the machine tool cabin. Installation is simple and does not require any special accessories for connection to the machine.

  • Reduced electrical consumption
  • Versatility of filtration: Multilayer filter (standard) or pleated cartridge with high filtering surface area and coalescing pre-filter
  • Quick and easy maintenance
  • Easy installation
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Description Unit SKY 250/500 - Oil Mist Collectors
VoltageV - Hz400 - 50
Power kW0,12 - 0,18
Max air flowm³/h250 - 500
Suction inletmm100
Noise level (EN ISO 3744)dB(A)62
Filter TypeMultilayer
Surface - Diametercm²-mm2300 - 280
Weightkg17 - 18
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