Silovac 600 Heavy duty vacuuming silos for
dust, liquid and solid material

Silovac 600 - Large capacity vacuuming silos with direct discharge
Silovac 600 - Large capacity vacuuming silos with direct discharge
Silovac 600 AF - Heavy duty vacuuming silos with large capacity
Silovac 600 HV - Three phase vacuuming silos for large quantities
Silovac 600 PRO - Large capacity vacuuming silos

The Industrial vacuum cleaner SILOVAC 600 is a model of vacuuming silos with three-phase motor, suitable for constant and long-lasting use, which requires little maintenance because of the three-phase turbine of which it is equipped. Built with the most resistant materials, it can be integrated into a centralized vacuum system consisting of a central suction unit separated from the silos.
The possibility of customization, with different dimensions and powers, is very appreciated by professionals who want to make the most of the capacity of the silos and not compromise on its suction power.

The square structure of the vacuum cleaner allows you to accumulate up to 600 liters of suctioned material inside. Ideal for the removal and disposal of solids and dust, its intelligent design allows it to integrate into your production facility according to your needs.  The aspirated material is easily discharged in a drum or in a BIG-BAG bag, to optimize production times and to avoid the dispersion of dust in the air.
This vacuum machine is equipped with an automatic shaker and a compressor on board the machine to ensure a constant and excellent cleaning of the filters with high surface. 

Suction unit 

The suction is provided by a side channel blower type, with direct coupling between the fan and the motor shaft and no transmission system. It is thus completely maintenance free, fit for round-the-clock 24 hours duty, very silent and provides outstanding suction performances.

The machine is equipped with a metallic Electrical panel produced as per CE standards with Neoprene rubber cable 10 mt with 63amp plug with delta star triangle start.

The turbine is equipped with a negative pressure relief valve. In case of completely closed suction hose, the valve provides cooling of the turbine through the environment air inlet.

The turbine could be equipped with a safety Hepa cartridge filter to ensure the maximum safety in heavy applications.

Filter unit

The filter is placed and protected inside the steel filter chamber; the filter is made of polyester PTFE coated class M, tailored with pockets in order to increase the filter surface (70.000 cm2), and has a high filtration efficiency (1 micron). An automatic filter shaker enables to clean the filter efficiently, by a vertical shaking movement made by a pneumatic cylinder, so as to detach most of the dust and maintain the filter clean, in order to increase its life and maintain the suction performance of the machine. A compressor included in the machine produce the air needed for the automatic filter cleaning systems.

Collection unit

The vacuumed material is placed inside a SILOS hopper mounted on a sturdy TELESCOPIC BIG-BAG chassis (600 lt. of capacity), which makes it possible to dispose easily and safely of the vacuumed material thanks to the butterfly valve discharge.

The telescopic chassis guarantee maximum safety in the transport and during the maintenance of the vacuum. It is equipped with forklift intakes. All the metal parts of the vacuum are epoxy painted.

A manual buttefly valve D250 mm is installed to discharge easily the material in big-bag or containers.

A rotary level detector in installed in the hopper to stop the suction while the silos is full.

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Description Unit Silovac 600 - Large capacity vacuuming silos with direct discharge Silovac 600 AF - Heavy duty vacuuming silos with large capacity
VoltageV - Hz400 - 50400
Power kW12,518,5
Max waterliftmmH2O4.4004.400
Continuous water liftmmH2O2.9003.200
Max air flowm³/h1.1001.350
Suction inletmm100100
Butterfly discharge valvemm250250
Filter TypeStarStar
H14 Upstream absolute filtersH14 Standard (U15 optional)H14 Standard (U15 optional)
Surface - Diametercm²-mm70.000 - 56070.000
Material - EfficiencyIEC 60335-2-69M - PTFEM - PTFE
Air load on filter m³/m²/h160190
Discharge systemBig-bag systemBig-bag system
Floating deviceNoNo
Dimensionscm125 x 140 x 250h125 x 140 x 250h
Download Silovac 600 - Large capacity vacuuming silos with direct discharge DatasheetDownload Silovac 600 AF - Heavy duty vacuuming silos with large capacity Datasheet

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