Silofilter 200 - filtering silos for
centralized vacuum system

Silofilter 200 - Filtering silos for dusts and solids
The Silofilter 200 DU-PUY filter separators are among the most versatile machines in the range.
Being integrated in centralized vacuum systems allow to increase the capacity of the suction plant, protecting the central vacuuming unit.

These Silos can be used in systems with single-phase or three-phase aspirators, cylindrical or cubic, in painted steel or stainless steel, with vane, butterfly, guillotine or many other types of exhaust.

The filtering silos are equipped with high surface polyester filters and equipped with manual shaker or self-cleaning system and are able to expand the collection capacity up to 200lt, increasing the efficiency of the centralized vacuum system.

Various configurations are available to better adapt the filtering Silos in your system.
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Description Unit Silofilter 200 - Filtering silos for dusts and solids
Filter TypeStar
Surface - Diametercm²-mm50.000
Material - EfficiencyIEC 60335-2-69Polyester - L
Cleaning systemManual
Discharge systemBig-bag system
Dimensionscm136 x 145 x 350h
Download Silofilter 200 - Filtering silos for dusts and solids Datasheet

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