CVAC - Suction units for
medium size central vacuum system

CVAC 100 - Suction Unit medium power
CVAC 150 - Central vacuum unit medium power
CVAC 180 HV - Central vacuum unit medium power
CVAC 200 - Central vacuum unit high power
CVAC 100 - Suction Unit medium power
CVAC 130 - Central vacuum unit medium power
CVAC 130HV - Central suction unit medium power high vacuum value
DU-PUY centralised industrial vacuum cleaner systems enable the vacuuming of solid or dusty material under special conditions.
Thanks to a power and a modular piping system, the central vacuum systems can vacuum material over long distances or at several points simultaneously. 
Suction is provided by a medium size vacuum unit of the side channel blower type, with direct coupling between the fan and the motor shaft and no transmission system.
It is therefore completely maintenance-free, suitable for 24/7 service, very quiet and provides outstanding suction performance. 
A safety switch shuts down the motor in the event of overheating.
The control board is housed in a metal casing, securely located at the rear, and includes two independent ON and OFF switches, an emergency safety stop button and a star delta motor starter.
A vacuum indicator allows constant monitoring of suction performance and detection of filter clogging.
A pressure relief valve protects the motor from overheating in the event of filter clogging or other blockages in the suction system; a diffuser filter reduces the speed and noise of the exhaust air.

DU-PUY central vacuum units are available in three versions: from 5.5 to 25 kW.
The configuration of the production plant entirely determines the characteristics of the vacuum cleaner. Each vacuum cleaner system is designed according to the specific dimensions and characteristics of the area in which it is to be installed, and the suction performance required.
Together we will work out how to meet your needs in a comprehensive manner, to ensure long-term production efficiency.

CVAC medium series:
  • From 7,5 to 18,5kW
  • Side channel blower, protective casing
  • Pressure relief valve as standard
  • Direct starting on CVAC 50, 24 volt and L/R controls
  • Electrical panel included in the price
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Description Unit CVAC 100 - Suction Unit medium power CVAC 150 - Central vacuum unit medium power
VoltageV - Hz400 - 50 3~400 - 50
Power kW7,512,5
Max waterliftmmH2O4.5004.400
Continuous water liftmmH2O3.2002.900
Max air flowm³/h7501.100
Suction inletmm100100
Noise level (EN ISO 3744)dB(A)74
Dimensionscm89x78x124h87 x 75 x 123h
Download CVAC 100 - Suction Unit medium power DatasheetDownload CVAC 150 - Central vacuum unit medium power Datasheet

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