Guide for a perfect maintenance of your machinery

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The maintenance of your industrial machinery is essential. Carried out regularly and with the right tools, it allows you to considerably increase the productivity and security of your production lines. Indeed, machines and work environment serious cleaning allows to reduce your production interruptions and the linked maintenance costs.

1- Choose the power of the industrial vacuum cleaner

Oil, shavings, sprays, powders and liquids... Each company has specific needs. Industrial vacuum cleaners are the ideal solution to best exploit your plant. Depending on your industry, you will have different needs, such as continual cleaning of your machinery while it is working, or an end-shift maintenance. DU-PUY, strong in its long experience in the field of industrial suction provides you with the best solution for the maintenance of your industrial machinery.

2- Choose the solution that suits your industrial machinery specificities

The first step in choosing your solution is to identify the different materials you want to vacuum from your production machines.
Materials can be classified in four large families:
- Powders (suspended, toxic, explosive)
- Solids (metal residues, grains, stones, broken glass, ceramics, etc.)
- Liquids (water, oils, emulsions, lubricants)
- Smoke (welding fumes, spray particles)

Optimize the production process thanks to industrial suction
DU-PUY cleaning vacuum cleaners allow you to aspirate more than one material at a time, and in some cases also to recover reusable materials. For example, in the field of mechanics, it is important to take advantage of the possibility of reusing freshly picked and filtered cutting oil. In addition to ensuring perfect tool maintenance, DU-PUY vacuum cleaners allow you to save time and money in large proportions.

Did you know that the DU-PUY vacuum cleaner applications are infinite? From avoiding contamination in the agri-food industry, to the cleaning of electrical panels in foundries… Industrial vacuum cleaners will carry out their mission without ever failing, thanks to their robustness and high power! 

3- Observe safety regulations with ATEX certified industrial vacuum cleaners

The industrial vacuum cleaner must also be selected accordingly to the regulations in your work environment. In some cases, such as in the food sector, the rules that protect against explosion hazards must be strictly respected. ATEX certified vacuum cleaners (designed to work in hazardous areas) have been specially processed to ensure a safe working environment.

4- Why Choose a DU-PUY Industrial Vacuum Cleaner for Machine Maintenance?

DU-PUY is able to find the best answer to any industrial challenge thanks to its innovative vacuum cleaners, all Made in Italy. In addition to its high-quality standards, its products are hand crafted and offer a high level of customization. Every detail is designed to solve the customer's problem and help him maintaining his machines as efficiently as possible.

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