Centralized vacuum system for aluminum chips for pantograph.

Case Study: a dust collector system for aluminum chips on pantograph

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A new dust collector created for on board shavings extraction

The DU-PUY industrial dust collector range welcomes a new product. After Dedust 30 and 50, the Dedust 110 11KW is born. Ideal for the recovery of fine dusts and the suction of chips such as PVC or aluminum, this dust collector can be integrated on existing production plants and configured adapted to customer needs.

A dust collector designed along with the customer

Which needs does the customer have?

The customer produces aluminum shelves with various punctures, on his customer’s directions. To do so, he uses a pantograph with a 10-meters worktop, capable of processing equally long aluminum worktops. The head piercing and processing aluminum produces metal shavings which must be vacuumed in real time to allow aluminum constant and effective processing.
The difficulty of the creation process was the extraction system. In fact, aluminum chips are transported through a very long hose. Therefore, to guarantee the most efficient work surface cleaning at any time, it was essential to evaluate all possible hose and shavings trajectories.

DUPUY solution? The Dedust 110 industrial dust collector

Two 100 mm suction inlets were installed around the boring head to extract the chips directly from the source. These two suction inlets meet at a 150 mm diameter suction hose. So, the hose follows the pantograph head all along the surface. The mobility of the hose is facilitated and safe thanks to a special 10 meters long catenary that allows the hose to move with the head without choking or cutting.
On the other extremity of this suction hose is the new Dedust 110 11KW power dust collector. Thanks to its high airflow, this vacuum cleaner can remove even the largest aluminum chips from the worktop of the Pantograph without even needing to interrupt work processes. The material is then automatically unloaded into big-bags for transfer.

Design, customization and craftsmanship:
the three forces of DUPUY Vacuum Tailor Made

Which are DUPUY Dedust 110 11KW advantages?

The perfect implementation of the vacuum cleaner in the customer's plant, its easy of use, its totally automated cycle from the suction to the discharge in big-bags makes this dust collector an integrated, practical and powerful product. Thanks to this automatic process, the customer only has to change the big bags when they are full of chips and continue to work the aluminum serenely.

Why entrust DUPUY your suction problems?

Our team guarantees the maximum efficiency of your production process, better quality of the finished product, less maintenance of the plants in general and greater safety at work. DU-PUY creates its machines relying on its customers’ needs and only after studying work environment needs.

Technical features

  • Depression: 800mmh20
  • Airflow rate: 3000m3 / h
  • Self-cleaning filter 40sqm
  • Collection capacity: 400lt
  • Bagging: Simple and quick Big-BAG
  • Maximum level indicator and automatic door exhaust system

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