Heavy Duty Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

Powerful, versatile: the range of high-powered industrial vacuum cleaners was born to face heavy and continuous commitments in the presence of large quantities of material to be vacuumed, typical situations in heavy industry such as cement factories, steelworks, foundries, incinerators and power plants.
These heavy duty vacuum cleaners have localized discharge or direct discharge into big collection bags. Their very high suction performance and high filtering efficiency allow the suction of large quantities of material even at great distances.
Large containment capacities and powerful lobe pumps characterize all versions of these heavy duty vacuum cleaners.

Heavy Duty Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

Powerful, resistant, versatile
The range of Heavy Duty vacuum cleaners was born to face any challenges.

Cement plants, foundries, steel mills, incinerators and power plants: waste material recovery is important for safety, cleanliness of the working environment and control of production costs. Using a heavy duty vacuum cleaner reduces downtime machines during production and allows for  quick maintenance of work tools, ensuring maximum efficiency. In heavy industry, structures and equipment are large and get continuously dirty during machining processes.
Therefore, there is a need for high-power vacuum pumps that can cope with the hectic work paces, allow for a quick and safe removal of large amounts of dusty and solid material, and can be seamlessly integrated into the production cycle.
The heavy duty vacuum range in three points?
Minimal maintenance, ease of use that makes it easy to integrate into the production facility, and outstanding power that allows for the most difficult materials to be vacuumed, these high power vacuum cleaners are easy to handle thanks to forklift attachments.
This range of heavy duty vacuum cleaners guarantees you a purchase that pays for itself quickly.
Made in Italy from extremely robust material, these powerful vacuum cleaners are resistant to stress and abrasion.

Gamma DL Compact - High power lobe pump vacuum cleaners. >Gamma DL Compact - High power lobe pump vacuum cleaners.

Compact Series
Compact high power industrial vacuum cleaners.

SL Line - Heavy duty application >SL Line - Heavy duty application

SL Line
High power vacuum cleaners for heavy duty applications


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