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Summer maintenance guide for machine tools

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At least twice a year, all metalworking workshops must carry out maintenance and complete cleaning of machines which are used daily.

What is the general cleaning of a mechanical workshop?

1. Empty and clean the CNC machine tanks
2. Clean the inside of the machine, which is constantly contaminated by oil mists.
3. Clean the work areas of the operators: floors and other areas which are difficult to reach.

Cleaning the machine

Regular and thorough cleaning of machines and production areas allows to:
maintain maximum efficiency and precision in metal processing
extend the useful life of work tools
ensure the highest level of safety for workers

The most effective and least expensive solution: Du-Puy industrial vacuum cleaners for suction and separation of oil and chips. 

Du-Puy has developed a whole range of industrial vacuum cleaners for the suction and separation of oil and shavings: the Oil & CHIPS Range.

OIL & CHIPS industrial vacuum cleaners meet all maintenance and cleaning requirements for any machine tool or work center which uses lubricating oil or cooling oil. Du-puy solutions have been designed in close collaboration with users, in order to perfectly meet their cleaning needs for CNC drilling machines, lathes or milling machines.

Be smart. Be fast.

Du-Puy industrial vacuum cleaners allow the suction of up to 450 liters of material (oil + chips), the filtration and integration of the oil back into the machine's operating cycle, thanks to the convenient drainage pump.

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