Oil mist and industrial fumes: risks and prevention in a mechanical workshop

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The use of cooling lubricants with machine tools generates oil mists and fumes which jeopardize hygiene and safety in the workplace.
There are many risks deriving from the presence of oil mists inside the mechanical workshop and they should not be underestimated: in fact oil settles not only on surfaces such as the floor, making them slippery and dangerous for the operators, but also directly on the production machinery , undermining machinery efficiency and useful life, while increasing the possibility of failures.
The greatest risks, however, derive from the prolonged exposure of the operators, which can cause diseases and non-negligible symptoms:
• Skin irritations,
• Eye problems,
• Dermatitis,
• Chronic cough and nose and throat irritation,
• Asthma and respiratory problems,
• Increased risk of lung cancer.
In order to prevent any damage related to the presence of uncontrolled oil mists, the legislation imposes serious measures that eliminate its release, such as Legislative Decree 81/06 which prohibits the re-entry of mists within the workplace.

Dupuy oil mist collector: The solution

An oil mists purification and filtration system is therefore a mandatory system which must be integrated on one’s machine tools, if not already provided by the machine manufacturer himself.
In fact, the purifying filters for oil mists allow to:
- Improve the working conditions of the operators and guarantee their safety
- Guarantee hygiene in the workplace
- Maintain the efficiency of machine tools, extending their useful life and reducing maintenance costs.
DU-PUY, a specialist in industrial extraction systems in the field of mechanical workshops, has created a new line of vacuum cleaners for oil mist: the SKY range.

How does Sky range of vacuum cleaners handle oil mists?

Air, which is polluted with oily particles and small suspended solids, is vacuumed from the cabin of the machine tool and conveyed through the suction inlet to the purifier filter.

Air passes through the filtering chamber which filters and purifies air from pollutants by means of a progressive efficiency multilayer filter in expanded polyurethane and glass fiber, certified respectively EN779: 2012 "G3" and "G4".

A drainage pipe in continuous "overpressure" effectively allows the recovery of condensed mists.

How can I install the vacuum cleaner on my CNC machine?

The DU-PUY oil mist aspirator is installed directly on the machine, on the upper part.
The small size (from 385 mm to 508 mm in height and from 360 mm to 560 mm in diameter) and a convenient installation system allow the product to be installed very easily and quickly.
Reduced electricity consumption
Efficient oil filtration: Multilayer filter (standard) or pleated cartridge with high filtering surface with coalescent pre-filter,
• HEPA H13 filter to guarantee absolute filtration of microparticles
Quick and easy maintenance
Easy installation
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