Heavy Duty Vacuum Cleaner for any industrial application


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Powerful and versatile industrial vacuum cleaners

Born to face the most difficult challenges. Resistant to any environment.​
After 10 months of research and development, DU-PUY is proud to introduce its new line of products for heavy applications: HEAVY DUTY VACUUM CLEANERS. Designed to be used in hard work industrial environments, these vacuum cleaners can be declined in a mobile version (truck mounted) or fixed.

A powerful suction for heavy applications

The two standard models propose engines with power from 22 kW up to 37 kW. Particularly suitable for the suction of granular, heavy and large materials, these industrial vacuum cleaners give their best in foundries, cement plants or on construction sites.

Innovation and flexibility

Strength is nothing without genius. For this reason, DU-PUY engineers have created vacuum cleaners that guarantee a simple and effective use:
  • Capacity: the Heavy Duty range is capable of collecting up to 1140 liters of sucked material;
  • Versatility: these vacuum cleaners can be connected to a pipeline network or to be used for a mobile service installed on trucks;
  •  Safety: these industrial vacuum cleaners include a maximum level indicator and an automatic stop suction system.
  • Efficiency: in every use step, Heavy Duty range simplifies workers' lives. A filter inspection door and automatic reverse jet pulse filter cleaning allow these vacuum cleaners to always maintain their maximum power. A butterfly valve allows than easy and fast discharge.
  • Transportability: thanks to convenient hooks, these strong machines can be transported by forklift or crane.
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Watch the making of the SL 22 / 65 construction, and go check it out at Interclean Amsterdam, Pav.07, Stand 217!

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