Three-phase Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Du-PUY

Medium Power Three Phase Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

They are highly maneuverable and sturdy.

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Three Phase Range

DU-PUY's medium power three phase industrial vacuum cleaners offer a wide range of models : from 2.2 to 7.5kW. They are maneuverable and sturdy. The turbine equipment allows continuous industrial suction and is maintenance free.

M line - Industrial three phase vacuum cleaners

M line - Industrial three phase vacuum cleaners
The "M" series consists of four models with different powers - ranging from 4 kW up to 7.5 kW. This series is suitable for any production application: workshop, laboratory, metalworking industry, cement factory, carpentry or artisan workshop.
Do you need to change accessories while vacuuming? No problem, the "M" series has an integrated accessory holder.

In the "M" series, containers can reach up to 100 lt capacity and are easily detachable. Thanks to their manufacture -  extremely sturdy steels and plastics- these trolley-mounted vacuum cleaners resist time and heavier applications.

The "M" series in 4 points:
  • Motor suitable for continuous 24/24 use, without maintenance.
  • Possibility of simultaneous aspiration of dust, liquids and solids.
  • High filter surface with integrated filter cleaning system and  filter efficiency detector.
  • Easy unloading of the container, large capacity (100 liters), and possibility of bagging.

MHD Line - Heavy Duty Three-phase industrial vacuum cleaner

MHD Line - Heavy Duty Three-phase industrial vacuum cleaner
The new family of MHD industrial vacuum cleaners, with powers ranging from 7,5 up to 18.5
kW, has been designed to respond to very heavy-duty application needs, where great suction
power, robustness and versatility of use are essential.

They are suitable in any industrial
sector and can be combined with our line of cyclonic separators which allow large volumes of
material to be processed.

Thoses machines can also be used as vacuuming units in centralized
vacuum systems.

W 2 Infinity T - Three phase industrial vacuum cleaner

W 2 Infinity T - Three phase industrial vacuum cleaner
The W 2 Infinity T is the great novelty of the year 2019 ! This powerful industrial vacuum cleaner is ideal for cleaning and handling small and medium quantities of material, particularly in the chemical-pharmaceutical industry, food industry or milling industry. Its performance and maneuverability allow you to keep your work environment perfectly clean without any effort.

Its size ? 55x63x130 cm! Built in industrial steel, its extreme compactness and power are appreciated by those in need of an agile and effective lift.
Its engine with side channel turbine makes continuous use of the machine possible, for incredible performance!

The W 2 Infinity T in five points:
  • Compact industrial vacuum cleaner with high mobility
  • 100% steel construction
  • Possibility of simultaneously sucking powders, liquids and solids.
  • Quick release container, with capacity 40 lt.
  • Filter clogging indicator and integrated manual cleaning system

W 3 Infini - Aspiratore Industriale Trifase Polivalente

W 3 Infini - Aspiratore Industriale Trifase Polivalente
The W 3 Eco is a versatile industrial vacuum cleaner available in two versions: 2.2 or 4 kW.
This trolley-mounted vacuum cleaner can be easily integrated into all industrial sectors. Effective, not bulky, it doesn't need any particular maintenance and it can continuously work in several industrial sectors: mechanical workshop, carpentry, artisan workshop, medical laboratory, cement factory ...
The small size makes W 3 Eco one of the  most appreciated products by our customers.

The W 3 Eco in 8 points:
  • Flexibility of use
  • 1 three-phase motor with side channel turbine and an almost unlimited lifespan
  • Simultaneous suction of powders, liquids and solids
  • 100% construction in painted steel
  • Integrated manual filter shaking system
  • Large surface stellar primary filter - 20000 cm2
  • Quick container detachment ; 60 lt capacity
  • Flexible hose reel


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