Standard Line - High power vacuum cleaners for huge quantities of material

SL Line - Heavy duty application
SL Line - Heavy duty application
DL Series - Compact high-power vacuum cleaners.

Powerful, resistant, versatile

Powerful, durable, and versatile, the range of high-performance industrial vacuum cleaners is designed to tackle any challenge.

Cement factories, foundries, steel mills, incinerators, and power plants: the disposal of waste material is crucial for workplace safety and cleanliness. Using a high vacuum industrial vacuum cleaner reduces machine downtime during production and allows for maintenance of work tools, ensuring their maximum effectiveness.

In heavy industry, structures and equipment are large and, due to their heavy use, they become clogged and filled with dusty or solid waste material, affecting their production efficiency. Therefore, a thorough cleaning of the work machinery is essential.

These high-power vacuum cleaners have a localized discharge or directly into big bags. They combine high suction performance and high filtering efficiency. Ideal for suction of large quantities of material even at great distances. Various discharge systems are available, including continuous cycle.

DU-PUY's high-performance industrial vacuum cleaners are able to withstand heavy workloads, difficult environments at high and low temperatures, and are capable of integrating perfectly into the production cycle.
The high-power range has three characteristics: minimal maintenance, ease of use that facilitates its integration into the production system, and high suction power.

This range of high vacuum cleaners guarantees a quick return on investment thanks to reduced machine downtime and renewed efficiency of your machinery. Built in Italy with high-quality and extremely resistant materials, these powerful vacuum cleaners withstand stress and abrasion.

The Standard series high vacuum cleaners are available in two models:

  • SL, mounted on a hopper for localized discharge or directly into big bags. Ideal for suction of large quantities of material even at great distances.
  • DL, mounted on a removable container. They combine high suction performance with great ease of material disposal.

The high-power industrial vacuum SL model, with lobe pump and mounted on a hopper, is ideal for heavy and continuous tasks with large quantities of material to be vacuumed, typical working conditions in heavy industry. Thanks to its exceptional suction performance, this machine guarantees maximum performance even in continuous and prolonged use. The vacuum's filtering system consists of polyester felt filter sleeves with internal tensioning springs and a polyester safety cartridge to protect the pump. Furthermore, an automatic timed system cleans the filters through control valves of the chambers, ensuring continuous filter cleaning and maximum performance. The lower hopper has a capacity of 1000 liters and can be discharged at the bottom through a manual butterfly valve. Pneumatic actuators or other types of discharge are available to adapt to the needs of any work environment.

The DL model is equipped with a removable collection container, which can be easily emptied through a large tilting door operated by a lever. The automatic closure of the door is activated by lowering the container to the ground. In addition, large inspection doors allow access to the engine compartment, while the eyebolts facilitate the movement of the unit via a forklift. A convenient control panel allows the vacuum to be operated without directly accessing the electrical panel. The system is powered by a compressor installed on board the machine, which provides compressed air for valve operation.

Both models have a level probe inside the storage container that stops the high-vacuum vacuum when the container is full.

This high-power vacuum model can be certified according to the ATEX Z22 regulation.

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Description Unit SL Line - Heavy duty application DL Series - Compact high-power vacuum cleaners.
VoltageV - Hz400 - 50 3~400 - 50 3~
Power kW30 - 4530 - 45
Max waterliftmmH2O5.000 - 8.5005.000 - 8.500
Max air flowm³/h1.300 - 2.5001.300 - 2.500
Filter TypeRound bag sleevesRound bag sleeves
Surface - Diametercm²-mm160.000 - 120160.000 - 120
Material - EfficiencyIEC 60335-2-69Polyester - ANT M PTFEPolyester - ANT M PTFE
Dimensionscm168 x 160 x 356h168 x 160 x 291h
Download SL Line - Heavy duty application DatasheetDownload DL Series - Compact high-power vacuum cleaners. Datasheet

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