SL Line - High power vacuum cleaners

SL Line - Heavy duty application

Powerful, resistant, versatile

The range of Heavy Duty Industrial Vacuum Cleaners was born to face any challenge. Cement plants, foundries, steelworks: material recovery is important for safety, cleaning and cost control. The use of a high power vacuum cleaner reduces machine downtime during production and allows maintenance of work tools, ensuring their maximum efficiency. In heavy industry, the structures and equipment need a careful care. Heavy industry must use high power vacuums, able to tolerate heavy work rhythms, difficult environments, and must be able to fit perfectly into the production cycle.
The exceptional suction performance of these heavy duty vacuum cleaners makes it ideal for continuous, heavy duty use in working conditions typical of heavy industry where there are large quantities of material to be vacuumed,

In heavy industry, structures and equipment are large and, due to their heavy use, they become clogged and filled with waste material, affecting their production efficiency. Thorough cleaning of working machinery is therefore essential.
These high power vacuum cleaners have localised discharge or direct discharge into big bags. They combine very high suction performance with high filtering efficiency. Ideal for suctioning large quantities of material over long distances. Various exhaust systems available, also in continuous cycle.
The lower hopper has a capacity of 1000 litres and can be emptied at the bottom via a manually-controlled butterfly valve or with pneumatic actuators.
DU-PUY's high-power industrial vacuum cleaners can tolerate heavy workloads, difficult environments at high and low temperatures, and are able to integrate perfectly into the production cycle.
The high-performance range in three features  Minimum maintenance, simplicity of use that makes it easy to integrate into your production system and high suction power. This range of high vacuum cleaners guarantees you a quick return on your investment thanks to reduced downtime and the renewed efficiency of your machinery. Manufactured in Italy with top quality materials and extremely durable, these powerful vacuum cleaners resist stress and abrasion.

The industrial vacuum cleaner SL is proposed in two models:
- the SL 22/65, which develops 22kW of power, 5000 mmH²0 of water lift and 1600 m³ of air flow;
- the SL 37/65, which develops 37kW of power, 8500 mmH²0 of water lift and 1600 m³ of air flow.

SL Industrial vacuum Cleaner is a fixed system. Connected to a hopper, it is suitable for heavy applications. This high powered vacuum cleaner can be positioned with a crane or forklifts thanks to its specific hooks. SL line is  extremely strong and powerful.
The hopper has a maximum capacity of 1140 lt. The machine is discharged through a butterfly valve with a diameter of 400 mm, manually or pneumatically operated.
The filtering system is made of polyester felt filtering sleeves with inner basket, a polyester safety cartridge to protect the pump, a metallic safety cartridge on the air cooling circuit of the pump (only for AV models). The machine proposes also an automatic timed system for filter cleaning with a automatic reverse jet pulse.
The level sensor allows an automatic stop of the machine when the container is full.
This machine model can be certified according to the ATEX Z22 standard.


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