CHIPVAC 200 AIR - Compressed air tilting
vacuum cleaner

Chipvac 200 AIR - Compressed air busket vacuum cleaner
The industrial bucket vacuum CHIPVAC 200 AIR launches the bucket vacuum range.
It is particularly recommendable in industrial sectors with specific needs. In the absence of an electrical power source, to save on the price of electricity when energy needs are very high, or in the ATEX area, compressed air is a precious ally. The sectors that have these needs are mainly naval, large quantity sandblasting and explosion risk areas.

How does compressed air supply work? With a simple and reliable Venturi ejector system. This compressed air vacuum cleaner has two, which allows it to develop a total of 300 m3 / hour of air flow.

Capable of collecting up to 150 liters of material, this high capacity industrial vacuum cleaner is designed to simplify the suction of materials of various kinds, solid or liquid.

The bucket vacuum CHIPVAC 200 AIR is equipped with a patented transport and unloading system through a forklift truck. Safe, fast and ingenious, it allows you to unload the suctioned material directly where necessary, thanks to the bucket's 45 or 90 ° tilting system.

The machine's high maneuverability makes it suitable for use in small spaces where the quantity of material to be vacuumed is significant. A level indicator and simple filter cleaning system reinforce its high practicality.

The CHIPVAC 200 AIR in 5 points:
  • 2 venturi ejectors
  • 100% steel construction in 4 mm thick painted steel
  • Chassis designed for lifting and emptying with a forklift truck
  • Rapid discharge of liquids through a ball valve located on the bottom of the collection tank
  • Safe suction for blocking the tilting movement.
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Description Unit Chipvac 200 AIR - Compressed air busket vacuum cleaner
Air supplylt/min2.500
Max waterliftmmH2O5.000
Max air flowm³/h590
Suction inletmm80
Filter TypeStar
Surface - Diametercm²-mm14.000 - 460
Material - EfficiencyIEC 60335-2-69Polyester - L
Air load on filter m³/m²/h210
Cleaning systemManual
Collection tankSteel
Discharge systemRoll-out container
Floating deviceNo
Dimensionscm93 x 81 x 124h
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